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Comprehensive Land Brokerage Services

At Stadia Realty Inc., we offer our clients a wide range of specialized real estate
services. Our scope of work includes:

  • Title Research

  • GIS Mapping

  • Document Preparation

  • Agricultural Land Analysis

  • Land Acquisition Negotiation

  • Valuation

Project Siting and Route Analysis

Any industrial, commercial, residential, or infrastructure property development is highly regulated by federal, state, and local laws. These rules often control whether a property should be developed and how it may be developed.

Our clients rely on our expertise to guide them through the land-use issues affecting site selection, acquisition, and development. By crafting reasonable and cost-effective strategies for our clients, we minimize potential development issues during the siting process. This allows our clients to modify their siting, construction, or operational approaches to minimize impacts on the project.

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Real Estate Due Diligence and Analysis

We offer comprehensive Title and Escrow services. For the title review process, we determine the condition of the title to be transferred to the buyer at closing. We also identify if there are any title problems.

Our staff is knowledgeable in public, private, commercial, and residential real estate. For all the projects we handle, we provide research and analysis for the following:

  • Current Ownership

  • Mineral and Water Interests

  • Encumbrances

  • Dedications

  • Tract Maps

  • Complete Chains of Title

Negotiation and Acquisition

Our goal is to obtain a satisfactory settlement in the best interest of our client. Using our expertise in the acquisition of all types of real estate, including the right of way, we conduct negotiations professionally, tactfully, and efficiently. All owner contacts are also meticulously documented by the team.

We are responsible for acquiring project land and land rights in conformance with federal, state, local laws and regulations, and professional license requirements. Our aim is to deliver projects within budget and schedule by anticipating and avoiding potential problems before they occur. When necessary, we also consult with a real estate attorney for purchase and sale documentation.

Project Management

One of our core strengths is how we effectively manage our projects of different sizes and complexities. Project management requires attention to multiple concerns such as technical issues, procedural requirements, budget, and schedule while ensuring completion. We recognize that successful project management requires effective planning, organization, communication, and progress monitoring and reporting.

Our team has more than 25 years of significant experience in managing complex real estate teams and development projects. We have acquisition managers who are responsible for interfacing with teams to determine land acquisition deliverables. They also coordinate the completion of associated work requirements with the land acquisition team. Aside from this, our project manager coordinates title escrow, GIS, survey mapping, and required general project support.

The acquisition work requirements include securing property for a fee, easements, crossing permits, and telecommunication agreements.

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Stadia Realty Inc

Eminent Domain Support

We offer condemnation strategies and provide expert witness support for all acquisition projects. Our team has extensive litigation experience relating to easements, eminent domain, and right of way cases.

GIS Mapping

Stadia Realty GIS is a full-service source for mapping and data analysis. From Large wall maps to online viewers, we have the solutions for your geospatial needs. A geographic information system (GIS) is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographical data. The key word to this technology is Geography this means that some portion of the data is spatial. In other words, data that is in some way referenced to locations on the earth. Mapping and visualizations are used as communication tools to clearly convey the purpose, status, and impact of your projects. Using the ESRI ArcGIS Platform, Stadia Realty GIS is capable of processing and analyzing BIG data and creating online solutions to keep your project on-schedule. Stadia Realty GIS has a team of GIS Analysts with extensive experience across several geospatial platforms. This expertise will ensure a high quality solution for all of you geospatial needs.

Commercial Real Estate Finance

With more than 20 years of experience in commercial real estate finance and sales, our team has specialized knowledge to provide the best solution for every client, every time.

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